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Vantuh Valentina Vladimirovna
Director of Schools
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P. Virsky has organized more than five grand concerts all over Ukraine, these concerts were the first of the concerts are arranged ensemble P. Virsky. Name of the most spectacular choreography "Dolls," "We are from Ukraine," "Sailors", "Hopak", "Sisters," "Oh, a cherry," "Chumackiy joy," "povzunets", "Podolyanochka", "On than willow weeps, "" We Remember, "" The Cossacks "and much more.

VANTUH Miroslav M.


General Manager - artistic director of the National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. PP Virsky, Hero of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of Russia, winner of the National Prize of Ukraine. Taras Shevchenko University, Professor, Academician

Born on 18.01.1939, the (p. Velikoselki, Kamenka-Bug district, Lviv region). Higher education, in 1958, graduated from the Lviv educational school, department kultprosvetraboty; in 1977 - Academy of Social Sciences (Moscow).
04 - 10.1958 city - laboratory study kultmassovoy work of Lviv educational college.
10.1958 - 12.61 - served in the Army.
01.1962 - 02.80 - bayan player, coach, head of the dance company, Artistic Director, choreographer honored Dance Ensemble of Ukraine "Youth" at Lviv Palace of Culture.Yuri Gagarin.
With Mr. 02.1980 - artistic director of Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. P. Virsky.
Member of the presidium of the Committee on the State Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko (09.1996 - 09.99), a member of the National Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko (09.1999 - 10.2001).
Honored Artist of Ukraine (1968).
Hero of Ukraine to 08.2004, the
Winner of State Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko (1993).
Awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1986), "Merit" II Art. (01.1999), honors President (1995), Diploma of the Cabinet of Ukraine (01.1999).
Conducted seminars on Choreographic in the U.S. and Canada.
Fluent in Polish language.