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P. Virsky has organized more than five grand concerts all over Ukraine, these concerts were the first of the concerts are arranged ensemble P. Virsky. Name of the most spectacular choreography "Dolls," "We are from Ukraine," "Sailors", "Hopak", "Sisters," "Oh, a cherry," "Chumackiy joy," "povzunets", "Podolyanochka", "On than willow weeps, "" We Remember, "" The Cossacks "and much more.

Ukrainian folk dance and its history

Ukrainian folk dance and its history Throughout the history of the Ukrainian people has developed and enriched by new shades and moods and Ukrainian folk dance. You'll find it all: gentle humor, grandeur and heroism wins the fight, the joy of creative work, and provocative mirth. Life of the Ukrainian people was more dramatic than happy. This is evidenced by the songs and dances of the women who grieve their hard female part. The male population in Ukraine reflects the constantly attacks the invaders, and on women's shoulders went all the hard work. Cossacks brought in a song and dance theme of the struggle and the will, and intolerance of our enemies, love of freedom and joy.

Today Ukrainian folk art can be divided into 5 zones according to their ethnographic characteristics and distinctive features.

first zone - the Central Philippines. Culture of this area is very rich in dance. There are dancing stoneflies, dances, Cossacks, and of course gopak. Greatly influenced the local dance culture had a culture of neighboring Russia, Hungary, Belarus, Poland.

second zone - Polesie. Here, the most common "prostrate summer cypress" and "Polesie gopak." Dance of this area are noteworthy smaller cautious steps with priskokom, little to like in the dance steps of the Central Ukraine. On creativity influenced neighborhood Polesie Poland and Belarus.

third zone - the skirts. Subject dances of this area in the main game, and labor. Among the popular dances such as "Marina", "Romance," "Nicholas", which are built on relations between the parties and game elements. It is very common dances and ceremonial dances.

fourth zone - the Carpathians. Culture of the area, including dance, formed large and small nations, such as brisk, Hutsuls, bukovintsy, stanislavtsy verhovintsy, etc.

V-I zone - Crimea. Here, we feel the influence of Tatar culture. From the Ukrainian folk dance is the most popular Kherson gopak.

So we see that the dance of old Ukraine, like any other art form, reflected in the history and life of the Ukrainian nation, all its joys and sorrows.

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