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If you recall the story of an ensemble that may be mentioned that in 1940 one of the most famous choreographers, Paul Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, gathered a large group of folk dance choreographers, Ukraine, and it was not just a great event, it was the first in a time of such event Mashtakov. Then the choreographers who have come together created a Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. It has existed for 11 years, and in 1951 it was reorganized again, after a decade of Ukrainian Literature and Art in Moscow. Now it was called the State Dance Ensemble of Ukraine.


"It seems that this is just folklore, but in reality everything is much more difficult and wonderful." Young artists from the National Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. P. Virsky just fly above the stage. They jump very high, and thus do not forget about acting. Looking at their faces you would think that it is very easy and fun to do. It seems that they simply have fun on stage. As for jumping, then the viewer the impression that artists have overcome every possible turn and if they are not acting pull of the earth. They just hang in the air. This team is rightly ranked first among similar groups. This is the highest rating of skill and charm. I visited their concert in Lekhan center of art and performances in Sunday in New York. I was just shocked concert. Unfortunately, such groups are rare, the collective name of the ensemble.

Virsky combines lyrical dance numbers and hot-dog with a very beautiful and fast music. Definitely, this is the only team among the likes. The high level of artistry, technique - simply stunning. The word "professionals" - is simply underestimate this team, it's just an insult to artists of the team. They have long transgressed the boundary of professionalism and went much further. I just do not have words to convey their feelings and emotions. I can not find words to describe their skills. Mankind has not invented words such delight and pleasure, which gives this ensemble viewers worldwide. If you say "Bravo!" "Superb!" - It does not say anything about this team, you just zatamovuyetsya breath, and you can not speak or move during the concert. If you want to look at Ukrainian culture, learn about the history of Ukraine and understand the heart and soul of this country, they come to the concert band name. Virsky, and you will understand.

Anna Kyselhof

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