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If you recall the story of an ensemble that may be mentioned that in 1940 one of the most famous choreographers, Paul Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, gathered a large group of folk dance choreographers, Ukraine, and it was not just a great event, it was the first in a time of such event Mashtakov. Then the choreographers who have come together created a Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. It has existed for 11 years, and in 1951 it was reorganized again, after a decade of Ukrainian Literature and Art in Moscow. Now it was called the State Dance Ensemble of Ukraine.


Hopak - folk dance and martial arts

Hopak, People ntanets Speaking of dancing art, the calling card of Ukraine for centuries is gopak. In our country it is difficult to find folk art, whose repertoire would not be hopak. But not everyone knows that gopak - is not only breathtaking beauty and power of dance and martial arts.

Battle Hopak - a martial art that combines striking and throwing techniques with plastic gopak dance. To combat hopak tend to use hooks and blocks, as well as strikes and kicks.

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Интересуетесь ли Вы современными танцами? Хотите ли Вы узнать еще больше о существующих танцевальных культурах? Под какую музыку исполняется тот или иной танец? Сайт поможет ответить на эти, и некоторые другие вопросы.

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