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From 1955 to 1975 director of the ensemble, as well as the organizer was one of the most famous artists in the USSR, laureate of USSR State Prize Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko - Paul Virsky.

Sirtaki - "almost popular" Greek Dance

Sirtaki - At the mention of Greek folk dance, the first and only comes to mind sirtaki. Many of us believe that the Greeks sirtaki is something hopak for the Ukrainians, while the dance is not a popular Greek dance, and even not very popular in Greece.

In 1964, the film «Gorba The Greek» («Zorba the Greek") in the Hollywood leading man Anthony Quinn was in the finals of the dance folk dance "sirtos." This dance was very popular and prevalent on the island part of Greece.

music for the film sirtosa wrote a famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. Before filming a scene Anthony Quinn dancing badly injured his leg and was unable to perform quick movements. On the set dancing actor transformed so that the dance steps did not cause him pain. Sliding-pulling step foot patient is not afforded much discomfort and Anthony is so, gradually accelerating to the extent its capacity step, the actor and danced sirtos in "Zorba the Greek." As a matter of fact it was a completely new dance, he gave the name "Sirtaki", meaning "little sirtos." Sirtaki is now often referred to as "Zorba dance" after the main hero of the film, to execute it for the first time.

How sirtaki dance? Dancers stand in a line or two or three lines when going to a lot of people. Possible execution of the dance in a circle. Dancing is stretched in the direction of his hands and put them on the shoulders of their neighbors. Dance moves dancing performed so that the hands are not separate, but the line is not collapsed. Movements in sirtaki are squats, lunges, step ladders and "zigzags».

Despite this history of invention sirtaki, dance is very well suited to the culture of Greece and corresponds to the mentality of the population. The manner of dancing sirtaki first slowly and then very quickly traced to the habits of the Greeks. They are often long swing, and then speeding up and as a result of doing all the time. Today sirtaki became really popular dance and is a symbol of Greece.

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