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If you recall the story of an ensemble that may be mentioned that in 1940 one of the most famous choreographers, Paul Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, gathered a large group of folk dance choreographers, Ukraine, and it was not just a great event, it was the first in a time of such event Mashtakov. Then the choreographers who have come together created a Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. It has existed for 11 years, and in 1951 it was reorganized again, after a decade of Ukrainian Literature and Art in Moscow. Now it was called the State Dance Ensemble of Ukraine.

Simd - People Ossetian dance

Simd - People Ossetian dance favorite folk dance and a symbol of all the people of Ossetia is a beautiful dance horovodny simd. This dance is dance and dance to this day and Georgians, and Kabardian, and other peoples of the Caucasus.

name of the dance "simd" the Ossetian does not mean the name of a particular dance, and is a noun that is derived from the verb "simyn", which translated from the Ossetian means "mass dance Ossetian dance ».

In the old days simd was especially popular among young people. While boys and girls could not talk openly to each other about their feelings. Meet each other and whisper a few gentle words, they could only dance. The guy tried, if happen to be in tandem with the other girl who was sweet to his heart. All the guys kept the dance with dignity and politeness to the girls, flawlessly executing technically complex movements. Neither the boys nor the girls tried not to show anything of his feelings, not to become a subject of ridicule and gossip.

Simd interesting in its composite construction, and drawing. The number of performers simda even. Basis simda are two elements - a straight line and circle. The straight line represents infinity and the circle - the sun. Dance begins at a moderate pace, but gradually accelerating pace. Performed simd smoothly on high toes, body tucked up.

simd supposed to dance in a particular outfit. Very long sleeve dress completely covered all exposed body parts to the body during the dance partners are not touching. These long sleeve women's dress called "uaelaerttae" and served as both ornament costume.

To date, this smooth dance horovodny still love the peoples of the Caucasus, and part of the repertoire of most popular dance groups.

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