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Vantuh Valentina Vladimirovna
Director of Schools
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We know from first hand that the appearance of the ensemble began in June 1937. The purpose of the famous ensemble of Ukraine under the name P. Virsky was zaberech national traditions of the Ukraine, all the customs, ceremonies were held different in those years, the Ukrainian people. Based on these goals, the ensemble was created by folk dance with new choreography and miniatures, from the present and the past life of our people.


Children's ballet school at the National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavel Virsky created in 1992 under the initiative and direct participation of the Director-General - Artistic Director, People's Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of State Prize. Shevchenko, academician, professor - Miroslav Vantuha, with a view to finding, training and education of gifted children, which subsequently will become true masters of the stage and fill not only his illustrious team, but also other professional dance teams of Ukraine.To implement this plan Miroslav Vantuhom and director - artistic director of the School of People's Artist of Ukraine - Valentina Vantuh was developed curriculum, teaching staff is formed, which included well-known educators, leading choreographers - Staging Ukraine.



At school, children professionally trained classical and folk - Stage dance, create conditions for in-depth study of theory and practice of Ukrainian folk dance.Valentine Vantuh profound scholar of Ukrainian folk dance, in the past a great dancer, but today a highly professional educator, is doing everything for the prosperity of the school.During these years the school pupils, together with an ensemble of artists. P. Virsky visited with concerts in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark and other countries where their performances were highly appreciated by experts, critics and viewers.



Pupils become winners and winners of many national and international festivals and competitions. Young artists are winners of the TV Festival "Bravo - Bravissimo, children - the geeks in the city of Cremona (Italy, 1996), children's festival" Golden Autumn Slavutich "(1997, Ukraine), the television festival" Children - the stars, the children of the planet (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1997). Students won Grand - Prix "for high performance art" at the festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk in 1998Implementation of the famous "Hopak", "Gutsulki", "Volyn Polka", "Ditty," "povzuntsi" and "Russian Suite" by the young artists began to decorate performances by national companies.Now you can with a great responsibility to talk about what ballet school - a new bright facet of life and activities of the National Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. P. Virsky by professional performers of folk dance, training and education of an entire galaxy of talented young people for adoption and promotion of Ukrainian dance culture, the future of Ukrainian folk dance.


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