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From 1955 to 1975 director of the ensemble, as well as the organizer was one of the most famous artists in the USSR, laureate of USSR State Prize Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko - Paul Virsky.

Most Caucasian dance lezginka

The most Caucasian dance lezginka One of the most famous and popular dance of all dances peoples of the Caucasus is considered lezginka. This graceful dance includes a sufficiently clear and sharp attacks, making it does not look like a different dance. Lezginka - very old Caucasian dance, which emphasizes the great courage and spirit of the artist.

Homeland lezginka a republic of Dagestan. It was here the first time there was a name of this popular and revered in the Caucasus dance. In turn, the most spectacular and interesting for viewers of any age and sex is just the Dagestani lezginka.

Lezginka, which combined soft and graceful girl's dance with the movement at slow speed and high-speed loader with the rhythm of the male dance, no one can remain indifferent.

Most lezginka - a men's dance. Lezginka never dance alone girl while dancing lezginka men - are not uncommon. Women lezginka in the conventional version of a wedding is quite limited by the number of movements and movements in comparison with men.

In one version, was originally a dance lezginka warriors, which allowed them to tune in and have the courage before a battle. In addition, lezginka was the reason for dating girls and boys. Because the girls could not walk the streets alone, the only place singles were married. Calling up your favorite girl dance steps, a young man caused her to dance. In lezginka show how a guy like a girl prevent escape in every way blocking her way. At the same time on pain of death, he should not touch her in a dance.

lezginka now dancing in the Caucasus, eastern and central parts of Russia, Israel and many other countries.

One thing is certain, lezginka - it's amazing dance that demonstrates strength, agility and virility of men dancing, as well as beauty and grace of the girls involved in dance.

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