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If you recall the story of an ensemble that may be mentioned that in 1940 one of the most famous choreographers, Paul Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, gathered a large group of folk dance choreographers, Ukraine, and it was not just a great event, it was the first in a time of such event Mashtakov. Then the choreographers who have come together created a Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. It has existed for 11 years, and in 1951 it was reorganized again, after a decade of Ukrainian Literature and Art in Moscow. Now it was called the State Dance Ensemble of Ukraine.



National Ballet of Ukraine. Virsky
"Dazzling Dream"

Reception was not inferior to the performance.In the final room gave a standing ovation to 150 artists of the National Dance Company of Ukraine, as every preceding the dance was accompanied by incessant thunder of applause. We attended a wonderful, perfect folk play an exceptional level, which can be seen only once in 10 or 20 years. Such a strong shock of such beauty and perfection, we really felt that during the first tour of the Mosaic Ensemble in France.Starting with the first choreographic patterns, so bright that it could be dancing in the finals, you are immediately conquered by the beauty of the dancers, sumptuous costumes and harmony of the production.On you attracted waves of dancers, all dressed in folk costumes, which is dominated by blue, red and white colors, and then you get into the power of rhythm orchestra, giving tone joyful and colorful celebration, rhythms, playful, changeable, to whom it is impossible to resist.Dancing followed one after another, leaving no second to rest.

Here we see the ten Cossack dancing and jumping on his heels. Green nymph appears and disappears like magic in the hands of the twelve charming guys. Twenty-eight other young men in white embroidered shirt and trousers, with a wide belt and red boots perform at a furious pace virtuoso acrobatic movements: jumping "fish", the high jump in the air with a simultaneous blow tambourines on his feet, turns bending, rotation yuloy. Twenty-four beauty queens in long, white dresses with gold, adorned with pearls and tiaras glide like skating on ice. Thirty sailors with blue collars perform fun and unique shapes up well-oiled machine. Thirty-lancers in the red dazzle demonstration of his martial art.It seems that the peak of perfection and virtuosity has been reached, but the ensemble of them.

Virsky, which is headed now Miroslav Vantuh, prepared for us new surprises, and the appearance in the final two dances of 24 boys and girls aged 6 to 10 years - one of the most fascinating of them. These students choreographed dance school as an adult and perform the same rotation with disarming virtuosity professionalism. It's impossible not to melt at the sight of such purity, grace and talent.Finally, such a dynamic and skilful play will captivate any audience, even loving folk, since the National Dance Company of Ukraine - it's much more: a dazzling dream!Rene Sirvin


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