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We know from first hand that the appearance of the ensemble began in June 1937. The purpose of the famous ensemble of Ukraine under the name P. Virsky was zaberech national traditions of the Ukraine, all the customs, ceremonies were held different in those years, the Ukrainian people. Based on these goals, the ensemble was created by folk dance with new choreography and miniatures, from the present and the past life of our people.

Khaleej - "Hair Dance"

Khaleej - Khaleej, folk dance and the inhabitants of the Gulf of Jordan, is striking in its beauty, all who see it first. This age-old female dance that dance women for women. So, will concentrate on the women's Khaleej, or "hair dance».

most widespread this dance in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE. Khaleej performs dance couple or a group of women who rarely - solo. Dance is improvisational in nature and is traditionally performed at celebrations, or meetings, such as weddings. Often women are dancing in his own half Khaleej home to the accompaniment of female musicians.

During the dance the young girls can go out and dance in a circle of Khaleej older and married friends. Thus, girls show themselves in the hope to please the older generation of women, which in turn will advise them to their sons or brothers. In public, dancing Khaleej only allowed the girls before they reach the age of 12.

an enormous role in beauty and spectacular dance costume Khaleej plays a dancer. Traditionally, the suit is very loose and embroidered in the front part of his or Toba Abaya. On each side of Toba equipped cuts for the convenience of execution Khaleej. Very wide sleeves this elegant dresses are not only used as additional decoration, but can be worn in a dance on the head or used as a veil. Toba, in accordance with the traditions and tastes of Arab women, embroidered with gold pattern and gloss. An outsider it might seem that so much spacious and shapeless clothes hides the beauty of the movements of a dancer. On the contrary, Toba does Khaleej "fluid" and smooth, and achieve what all girls.

Khaleej - Traditional pas Khaleej mimic the movement of the camel, a beautiful and very revered in the East of the animal. Dance girl should be the same float as the movement of the camel. In Khaleej huge mistake will be jumping, leaping or limping movement. The main objective is to smooth glide across the floor and fixing the same level. The dance is performed on the "soft foot" with a slightly prisognutymi knees. Basic movements Khaleej concentrated in the upper part of the body and in steps. Movement of the hips are severely limited, which is understandable, since these movements under the dress just is not visible. All movements in the Khaleej have a meaning. For example, touching the forehead or wrist heart woman shows that she is kind, intelligent, loving. Hands dancers move at shoulder level, palms situated outside. The dancer is also active in the wrists, dismantling rich gold jewelry.

Khaleej highlight, of course, is the "dance of hair." Dancer shows her long and beautiful hair, beautiful rolling them and throwing them from shoulder to shoulder, thereby cleverly placing the emphasis in dance.

increased in recent years, interest in oriental dance made popular in our country and dance Khaleej. Highlights of the rotation and tossed hair, the specific steps and arm movements of dancers Khaleej invariably attract the gaze is not only men but women around the world.

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