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If you recall the story of an ensemble that may be mentioned that in 1940 one of the most famous choreographers, Paul Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, gathered a large group of folk dance choreographers, Ukraine, and it was not just a great event, it was the first in a time of such event Mashtakov. Then the choreographers who have come together created a Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. It has existed for 11 years, and in 1951 it was reorganized again, after a decade of Ukrainian Literature and Art in Moscow. Now it was called the State Dance Ensemble of Ukraine.

Dance - ancient Russian dance

Dances Russian dance, being as old as our life, and have long adorned the life of our ancestors entertain.

dances in the Russian folk life there are so many. The combination of large mass movements of people with the song is a characteristic feature of the round dance. Driving is a circular dance in a circle. Participants of the action keep the ends of handkerchiefs or hands. Also, the hands can freely be omitted.

often danced dance, participants will play in the faces of the content of the song they sing. The main characters are outside in the middle of the circle and sing the words of the actors, as well as represent them. Other participants of the round dance is slowly moving clockwise around the circle and sing the song of the narrative.

In the dances, often sung and played theme selection bride or groom: a quarrel and reconciliation, boys and girls, their separation, the relationship of his young wife with a family man, etc. Some dances are satirical in nature. They are ridiculed and played up in the dance of human vices: laziness, drunkenness, dandyism, etc.

dance folk dances, as usual, near rivers and lakes, meadows and churchyards in the groves and gardens, wastelands and in backyards. Some dance dance without special reason, others - during the holidays. Festive dance - the most ancient. Such a circular dance are prepared in advance, to convene further guests and neighbors, paint eggs, baked loaves and cakes, cook honey, beer and Braga.

tradition preserved reel in the people and to this day, and sometimes even school dances this dance prebegaet that would draw people's attention, but in every area of ​​dance has its own peculiarities. Northern dances are different kind of rigor and stiffness of movement. Srednerussky dance more lively and inhabited by free and diverse movements. In the south-western areas of lead "karahody," which are a type of mass dance.

Old Russian dances helped to somehow relieve the heavy and monotonous life of our people.

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